Frequently Asked Questions

1. TSG Tropical Destination Packing List | TSG South East Asia Summer Packing List
2. Roommates are the responsibility of guests. You can bring your own or meet them via TSG’s chat communities but ultimately, 1 single payment for each group should be made. We will not accept individual payments from each guest for any of our shared accommodations packages. This includes couples.
3. If you miss designated landing times, transportation from the airport is guests' financial responsibility.
4. Zero refunds unless a trip is cancelled or postponed directly by Top Shelf Getaways. All payments are transferable to another TSG trip (with 30 days notice) or to another traveler in your place with 14 days notice.
5. Guests must Pay in full no later than 30days before the start of the trip.
6. Flights are the responsibility of the guest.
7. It’s very rare, but TSG cancellations are a possibility if we as a company feel there is a safety issue for our guests or staff. At that point, you will be given adequate options to recoup your total package price or transfer your funds onto another TSG vacation.

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